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INVITATION INFO- Dates and Times!

Mark your calendars everyone!

Registration for this year's event will be in the following order:

PHASE 1: Wednesday, June 26th at 4 PM

PHASE 2: Wednesday, July 10th at 9 AM

PHASE 3: Wednesday, July 17th at 9 AM 

Guests will receive invitations VIA email the day before registration begins. 

There are two ways to receive an invitation to PHASE 1- You attended the event last year, or you have previously attended Le Diner en Blanc Toronto in the past but have paid your absentee fee for the years you have missed.

To receive an invitation to PHASE 2- You have to be sponsored by an attendee of Le Diner en Blanc Toronto.

PHASE 3 is for our guests on the waiting list. There are currently 17,000 people anxiously waiting to be apart of this magical event. If you have not previously attended Le Diner en Blanc Toronto and you are interested in attending, please go to the following link to register for our waiting list!

If you have any questions, feel free to email 

Le Dîner en Blanc- Toronto Committee 

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1 comment

Haruko U.
Absent Member
2 year ago
I received the invitation to Phase 1, but cannot make it this year. How can I pay the fee and skip a year? Thanks.
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